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Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Hinayana Mahayana

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I don't see any point in doing that: you do it anyway. " You just look forward to some highlights: breakfast, dinner and lunch. You do your practice. You don't talk about your journey, sir. Q: We are actually talking about it right now. We are talking about it right now but that is just an idea, how we could be R: aware that some kind of journey is taking place. But that does not mean to say that it has to be an ongoing discipline. That concept of making yourself useful is the popular, Christian idea of not wasting your time, being pragmatic-and also feeling guilty about wasting time.

The mother keeps telling them that they cannot meet him just now. " So they begin their journey. They climb up and down mountains and they ford rivers and they go round and round. Finally they go down this valley into a house and they open the door. There they finally meet their father. They are so appreciative of the whole thing; they are extraordinarily happy about it. And then they settle down and begin to relate with their father. They begin to run around the room and to relax and socialize and to explore the whole place, all the rooms that are in the house.

Every meal is presentable. But at the same time, it is all getting older each time, all the time. Every minute we use the ballpoint pen to take our notes, it is getting older and running out of fluid. And our notebooks are geting older because we are using up every page. Not only that, but the pages themselves are decaying as well. And the hand that we use to write our notes is also getting old and approaching death constantly. Not only that, but the brain that we are using is also very much decaying and is less functional every minute, every second, all the time.

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