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By Pablo Garcia Loaeza

Verbs are the spine of any language, and if you cannot conjugate them, you cannot speak. This compilation of greater than 500 universal verbs might help newbies in addition to the main complex Spanish scholars. each one web page specializes in anyone verb, offering complete conjugations of a number of tenses, plus sentences that illustrate its utilization.

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Lavando LEER To read Past part. leído Ger. leyendo LEVANTAR To lift, to raise Levantarse To get up Past part. levantado Ger. levantando LIMPIAR To clean, to clear Past part. limpiado Ger. limpiando LLAMAR To call, to summon, to phone, to knock Llamarse To be called Past part. llamado Ger. llamando LLEGAR To arrive, to reach, to come Past part. llegado Ger. llegando LLENAR To fill Llenarse To fill up Past part. llenado Ger. llenando LLEVAR To take, to wear, to carry Past part. llevado Ger. llevando LLORAR To cry Past part.

If I were you, I would try to get the media involved in the matter. For the following sentences, use the appropriate imperative form of the verb in parentheses. ¡Anda! ) al cine esta noche. Come on! Take me to the movies tonight. ) mucho en salir de la casa. All right, but don’t take too long getting out of the house. ) pesado! Don’t be a pain! ) dos boletos para la función de las ocho, por favor. Give us two tickets for the eight o‘clock show, please. ) mucha mantequilla a las palo-mitas, por favor.

Estando ESTORNUDAR To sneeze Past part. estornudado Ger. estornudando ESTUDIAR To study, to learn, to consider Past part. estudiado Ger. estudiando EVITAR To avoid, to prevent, to save Past part. evitado Ger. evitando EXAMINAR To examine, to inspect, to study Examinarse To take an exam Past part. examinado Ger. examinando EXPLICAR To explain Explicarse To understand, to make oneself understood Past part. explicado Ger. explicando EXPLORAR To explore, to examine, to scout, to surf (Web) Past part.

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