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Invocatory, genealogical and eulogistic verses. 871. >nl1=rr (V. ~ Hi Cfi ) 72 , SIan· One verse. 3]. 3. SIan (PaS) 73, SACA 858. 871 with No. 872). I The verse is quoted In SIan only and does not occur In other anthologies. PRASASTAKA A B F G I J A B VS. One verse. VS 1013. CC I 357, VS 61, SACA 859. (CC I identifies No. 872 with No. 871). The verse is quoted in VS only and does not occur in other anthologies. B C,D,E F,G I PRASANNADITYA From the Ghata family. he stone inscription of Laksrnanarajat'deva) of the Kalacuri dynasty, found at Karitalal near Murvara (Jubbulpore), dated (Kalacuri)samvat 593 (9th century).

The verses are we . nown first 1Il d al d . her i . invocatory and imprecatory verses an are so quote 1Il ot er inscnpuons. century.. Author of the inscription descnbed III A. See A. 20 verses and 30 verses respectively. Nothing to not. 543-554, SACA 844. Jlt21 qCit ~"'~T" PRADIPAVASUNDHARA This is not the name of the author, bu t a sobriquet taken from d of the verse quoted below. No information. The real author of this verses, who is unknown, must have lived in the middle of the 13th century or earlier, for the single verse attributed to the author is quoted in JS.

Kavp. 58, 1. : (32) BhPr 103 (a. Ba~a) and 282 (a. Magha), SP 406 (a. Magha), VS 504 (a. 4], SkY 1117 (a. Surabhi), Prasanna 178a (a. Surabhi), (v. Kav p. , (v. Kav p. , (v. AP 51, Kav p. , (v. Kav p. 55,57); (37) SP 3965, VS 2269, (v. AP 52, Kav p. 1, Sb 2fJ, Prasanna lOa (a. 1; (39) SUy! 17 (40) = Kada 4; (40) SP 152, VS 137, SH 412, (v. Kav p. 26, (v. Kav p. 1], (y. Kav p. 55); (43) VS 1810, (v. Kav p. 2, SP 3695, VS 2120, Prasanna 136a, (v. Kav p. 55,56,58); (45) BhPr 244; (46) BhPr 161 (samasyii: a.

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