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Don't do things backwards. Desist from inverting six things. Inverted patience means to bear patiently the suffering of contesting with foes, protecting friends, 55 working to make a profit and so on, and not to bear patiently the problems of Dharma practice. Inverted yearning means to foster the yearning for wealth, happiness, and comfort in this life, and not to foster the yearning to practice Dharma thoroughly. Inverted stimulation is to be stimulated by material wealth, and not to be stimulated by hearing, contemplating and meditating on the Dharma.

Since all mind training should be done with little fanfare but great decisiveness, maintain your outward conduct in harmony with that of all your Dharma companions and 4) others while you work to mature your stream of consciousness unnoticed by others. Do not discuss defects. 49 Speak directly on pleasing topics with a gentle and friendly expression. Don't think about anything than concerns others. Do not ponder the faults of anyone or anything pertaining to him, not of any senrient being in general, but particularly not of anyone who has entered the way of Dharma.

I pray, destroy me. I pray that all the unwanted suffering, poverty, destruction, misery, and disease that befall sentient beings will thus ripen for me. " If you are unable to act this way, give the torma and command: ''When I meditate on love and compassion and sending and taking, I am doing as much as I can to help you both now and in the future. " Fourthly, offer torma to the Protectors and exhort them to be active in calming disruptive conditions and establishing onesĀ· conducive to the practice of Dharma.

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