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By C. L. Seow

A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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R· Sll 01\ r"~r~~~ with us, even us (Deut 5:3) 00~ 'o~'{ for you, even you (Hag r:4) •' 1 J • f'l'rl iii. ' ai\ ,. ,, - In these examples, the pronoun N~il appears in addition to the subject and has an emphatic function. " In the -;a me way, the independent personal pronoun may be used to empha size the direct or indirect object. t. ,L> - rfr lt~) ~ 94 I Lesson I X A. Suffixed Pronouns I 9 5 iv. Sed to introduce an ~xplanation or clarification of what precedes. ' Esau, that is, Edom (Gen 36:r) v.

L T T Xf to cross over, pass over, transgress. through X 1~¥ to stand, remain, persist ,~¥ NlR to call, proclaim. x? :;J~ the one (ms) stretching out the heavens 3. the ones (mp) who were registered 4· the ones (mp) who resided in Judah 5. \. cf\Uel to see. Noun: i1~l~ sight, appearance 6. Jerusalem, built like a city 'l5W to ask, inquire 7. a_JWoman who knows a man Y~tp to hear, listen, obey 8. another angel was going forth ,~tp to keep, observe, watch V\0 r:~r, (I Kgs I 9: II) i~:D i1Ji1~ I.

Noun: l:l'~l] life straightness. 7· Nouns in Apposition ilJ~ 1(J~iJ strong, powerful. Verb: 1l,p: straight, just, upright. " 1~1) . :li abundance 371 bad, evil, ugly. Noun: il¥1 evil, harm the river, Euphrates = the Euphrates river (I Chron 5:9) :2~1 a man, an Egyptian= an Egyptian man (Exod 2:II) hungry. Noun: hungry YtV1 T T wicked, criminal Pro per Names: Ci11:lN T T: - Jf'~~ Abraham Jacob :2¥1 famine, hunger. Verb: :2~1 to be 76 I Lesson VII Exercise 7 I 77 Exercise 7 v I7: DQ~ a. Translate the following into Hebrew: I.

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