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By Angela Terrill

Lavukaleve is a Papuan Language spoken at the Russell Islands within the primary Province of the Solomon Islands. The phonology and morpho-phonology of Lavukaleve are defined, in addition to arguments adjuncts, the Lavukaleve predicate constitution (including predicate forms and middle player marking, the contract suffix, concentration structures, annoying, point and temper, word-level derivation, advanced predicates), interclausal syntax, and the Lavukaleve discourse supplier. The ebook contains a record of affixes, a listing of lexemes, and an appendix with Lavukaleve texts. the information utilized in this paintings was once amassed through the writer in the course of 5 box journeys.

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4 Previous work on Lavukaleve Ray (1928) presents some data on Lavukaleve (he calls it Laumbe), including a partial pronoun paradigm, some information on numerals, possession and adjectives, a few sentences and a 30-word vocabulary. Capell did some field work on Lavukaleve in 1960, some of which is published in a brief comparative grammatical sketch of Lavukaleve, Bilua, Baniata (Touo) and Savosavo (Capell 1969). Todd did a week of field work on Lavukaleve in 1972-1973 and published a comparative sketch of it and Bilua, Baniata (Touo) and Savosavo in Todd (1975).

There are also Papuan languages in the islands off New Guinea, including New Britain, New Ireland, reaching as far west as Timor and Alor, and as far east as the Solomon Islands. 1 Linguistic picture of the Solomon Islands Most of the languages of the Solomon Islands are Austronesian: there are around 63 Austronesian languages in the Solomon Islands (Tryon and Hackman 1983), and a handful of non-Austronesian, or Papuan languages. g. Lincoln [1978]; Wurm [1978]; and Wurm [1982] for an overview).

Like in most Papuan languages, but unlike in Oceanic languages, modifiers follow their head noun. Deictics are a highly elaborated feature of Lavukaleve. There are personal pronouns for first and second persons, but not for third person. The functional domain of personal pronouns in the third person is filled instead by a demonstrative modifier, and two demonstrative pronouns, all three of which are marked for gender, number and two degrees of distance from the speaker, with a third, distance-neutral term, and a further distinction made in the distal category between specific and non-specific location.

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