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SAS STAT 9.2 User's Guide: The GLM Procedure (Book Excerpt)

The GLM process makes use of the strategy of least squares to slot basic linear versions. one of the statistical tools on hand in PROC GLM are regression, research of variance, research of covariance, multivariate research of variance, and partial correlation.

SAS / ETS 9.22 User's Guide

Presents unique reference fabric for utilizing SAS/ETS software program and publications you thru the research and forecasting of positive factors corresponding to univariate and multivariate time sequence, cross-sectional time sequence, seasonal changes, multiequational nonlinear versions, discrete selection types, constrained based variable types, portfolio research, and iteration of monetary studies, with introductory and complex examples for every process.

Post-Optimal Analysis in Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization

Post-Optimal research in Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization examines the next issues with regard to linear semi-infinite optimization: modeling uncertainty, qualitative balance research, quantitative balance research and sensitivity research. Linear semi-infinite optimization (LSIO) bargains with linear optimization difficulties the place the measurement of the choice area or the variety of constraints is endless.

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With more complex questionnaires, however, several stages may be necessary. g. into the extreme right-hand part of the form, perhaps labelled 'Please leave blank'), and later transferred to special data sheets, to be entered at a later stage into a computer data file. Data sheets are simply empty grids, typically of 80 columns by 25 rows, with the columns numbered at the top of the sheet and with useful dividing lines marked after every lOth column. Using such a grid helps the coder to make sure that data relating to each variable are placed in the appropriate column(s).

Squash .. Chess .. Here some respondents may tick none of the games listed. Others may tick one, and some will tick more than one. We could code the answers to this question in terms of a single variable by merely counting the number of ticks given - 0 to 8 - but this form of coding would clearly not capture the full details of the data available on a completed questionnaire. We might wish, at some future stage, to count the number of respondents who had engaged in each of the individual games.

Apart from the basic alphabetical and numerical characters, and other symbols familiar on typewriters, computer keyboards have many extra keys. The function of this section is to familiarize you with the use of the some of 34 A Guide to SPSS/PC+ these extra keys, and to show how their use is represented in this book. First, though, we consider a very familiar keyboard action. The 'space bar' is at the bottom of the keyboard (nearest the user). In this book, an instruction to press this key will be written .

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