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This can be the amount II of a textual content for a problem-oriented undergraduate path in mathematical common sense. It covers the fundamentals of computability, utilizing Turing machines and recursive services, and Goedel's Incompleteness Theorem, and will be used for a one semester path on those subject matters. quantity I, Propositional and First-Order good judgment, covers the fundamentals of those subject matters during the Soundness, Completeness, and Compactness Theorems. info on availability and the stipulations less than which this e-book can be used and reproduced are given within the preface.

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M 5. h(n1 , . . , nk , m) = i=0 g(n1 , . . , nk , i), for any k ≥ 0 and primitive recursive (k + 1)-place function g. 6. Div, where Div(n, m) ⇐⇒ n | m. 7. IsPrime, where IsPrime(n) ⇐⇒ n is prime. 8. Prime(k) = pk , where p0 = 1 and pk is the kth prime if k ≥ 1. 9. Power(n, m) = k, where k ≥ 0 is maximal such that nk | m. 10. Length(n) = , where is maximal such that p | n. 11. Element(n, i) = ni , if n = pn1 1 . . pnk k (and ni = 0 if i > k). n ni+1 pni i pi+1 . . pj j if 1 ≤ i ≤ j ≤ k 12. Subseq(n, i, j) = , whenever 0 otherwise n = pn1 1 .

17. Is P ⊆ N primitive recursive if and only if both P and N \ P are enumerable by primitive recursive functions? 40 15. RECURSIVE FUNCTIONS Incompleteness CHAPTER 16 Preliminaries It was mentioned in the Introduction that one of the motivations for the development of notions of computability was the following question. Entscheidungsproblem. Given a reasonable set Σ of formulas of a first-order language L and a formula ϕ of L, is there an effective method for determining whether or not Σ ϕ? Armed with knowledge of first-order logic on the one hand and of computability on the other, we are in a position to formulate this question precisely and then solve it.

Nk , m) = 0] ≤ h(n1, . . , nk ) for all (n1 , . . , nk ) ∈ N. Show that µm[g(n1, . . , nk , m) = 0] is also primitive recursive. Recursive functions and relations. We can finally define an equivalent notion of computability for functions on the natural numbers which makes no mention of any computational device. 3. A k-place function f is recursive if it can be defined from the initial functions by finitely many applications of composition, primitive recursion, and the unbounded minimalization of regular functions.

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