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By Florentin Smarandache

Neutrosophy is a brand new department of philosophy, brought by means of Dr. Florentin Smarandache in 1995, which experiences the foundation, nature, and scope of neutralities, in addition to their interactions with varied ideational spectra. Neutrosophic good judgment is a basic framework for unification of many current logics. the most thought of NL is to represent every one logical assertion in a 3D Neutrosophic house, the place every one measurement of the gap represents respectively the reality (T), the falsehood (F), and the indeterminacy (I) of the assertion into consideration, the place T, I, F are common or non-standard genuine subsets of ]-0, 1+[. Neutrosophic Set. permit U be a universe of discourse, and M a collection incorporated in U. a component x from U is famous with appreciate to the set M as x(T, I, F) and belongs to M within the following manner: it really is t% precise within the set, i% indeterminate (unknown whether it is) within the set, and f% fake, the place t varies in T, i varies in I, f varies in F. Statically T, I, F are subsets, yet dynamically T, I, F are functions/operators reckoning on many identified or unknown parameters. Neutrosophic likelihood is a generalization of the classical likelihood and vague chance within which the opportunity that an occasion A happens is t% real - the place t varies within the subset T, i% indeterminate - the place i varies within the subset I, and f% fake - the place f varies within the subset F. In classical likelihood n_sup In vague likelihood: the likelihood of an occasion is a subset T of [0, 1], no longer a host p in [0, 1], what’s left is meant to be the other, subset F (also from the unit period [0, 1]); there's no indeterminate subset I in vague chance. Neutrosophic statistics is the research of occasions defined by way of the neutrosophic chance. The functionality that versions the neutrosophic chance of a random variable x is termed neutrosophic distribution: NP(x) = ( T(x), I(x), F(x) ), the place T(x) represents the chance that worth x happens, F(x) represents the likelihood that price x doesn't ensue, and I(x) represents the indeterminant / unknown likelihood of price x.

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Let all sets be noted by {Sa}a, where a indexes them. But the set of all sets is itself another set, say T1; and then one constructs again another "set of ", but are this time {Sa} and T1, and then the "set of all sets" is now T2, different from T1; and so on... Even the notion of "all sets" can not exactly be defined (like the largest number of an open interval, which doesn't exist), as one has just seeing above (we can construct a new set as the "set of all sets") and reunites it to "all sets".

Because the contradiction and neutrality are the nature's essence. And examples we may find anywhere. A philosophical system is a dogma (Francis Bacon). That's why I plead for a philosophical system without system. Not quite analytic philosophy. Congratulations for your failure! If you are defeated, fight back. If you win, fight back either. Is there a better strategy? Ah, if I would have a force to change what's unchangeable! 52 We are permanently moving towards a homogenization of heterogeneous, as Stefan Lupasco would say.

Sometimes is good to be wrong! How to reduce to absurd the reductio ad absurdum method? Continuum Hypothesis (that the cardinality of the continuum is the smallest nondenumerable cardinal) has been shown to be undecidable, in that both it and its negation are consistent with the standard axioms of set theory. By contrast to the relativism, which asserts that there is no absolute knowledge, in neutrosophy it is possible to attaint in pure science and by convention the absolute truth, t=100, and yet as a matter of rare fact.

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