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By John Rees

The recent variation of this most sensible promoting ABC has been up to date to incorporate the recent British Thoracic Society instructions released in 2003 at the administration of bronchial asthma.

Concise and hugely illustrated, the e-book comprises chapters on leukotriene antagonists and lengthy appearing beta agonists.

The major themes integrated within the textual content disguise the service provider of bronchial asthma care, diagnosis, administration of kids and youngster bronchial asthma.

An crucial textual content for GPs, scientific scholars, nurses and someone facing the therapy of bronchial asthma in either adults and youngsters.

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Much of the benefit of inhaled corticosteroids is seen at low to moderate doses up to 400-800 ␮g beclometasone. There is some further effect with higher doses but the dose response above 800 ␮g beclometasone or 500 ␮g fluticasone becomes flatter. Adverse effects Side effects of inhaled corticosteroids Established ● Oropharyngeal candidiasis ● Dysphonia ● Irritation and cough ● Purpura and thinning of skin ● Cataracts Suggested at high dose Adrenal suppression ● Reduced growth in children ● Osteoporosis ● In adults there are no problems, apart from occasional oropharyngeal candidiasis or a husky voice, until a daily dose above the equivalent of 1000 ␮g beclometasone dipropionate is reached.

The usual starting dose for intravenous aminophylline is 250 mg given over 20-30 minutes. If the patient has taken oral theophylline or aminophylline in the previous 24 hours and a blood concentration is not available then the initial dose should be omitted or halved. 5 mg/kg/hour, though this dose should be reduce if the patient also has kidney or liver disease. If intravenous treatment is necessary for more Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade) contains several anticholinergic substances. com Drug interactions with theophylline Effect Increase in theophylline concentration Alcohol Decreases theophylline clearance Allopurinol Decreased clearance Cimetidine Inhibits cytochrome P450, reducing clearance Ciprofloxacin As cimetidine Interferon alfa Marked decrease in clearance Macrolides (erythromycin) Decreased clearance Oestrogen Decreased clearance Ticlopidine Decreased clearance, concentrations may rise by 60% Zafirlukast Decreased clearance Decrease in theophylline concentration Carbamazepine 50% increase in clearance Cigarette smoking Increased clearance around 30% Phenytoin Up to 70% increased clearance Rifampicin Increases cytochrome P450, increasing theophylline clearance up to 80% Effect on other drugs Benzodiazepines Larger doses of benzodiazepine may be required, effects may increase if theophylline is discontinued Lithium Lithium clearance increased Pancuronium Antagonised by theophylline, larger doses may be necessary 29 ABC of Asthma than 24 hours then blood concentrations should be measured and the rate adjusted as necessary.

Two common inhaled steroids—beclometasone dipropionate and budesonide—are roughly equivalent in dose, while fluticasone has the same effect at half the dose. The Autoinhaler is triggered by inspiratory airflow. Breath actuated metered dose inhalers are available for ␤ agonists, anticholinergics, cromoglicate, and corticosteroids Method of delivery The formulation and delivery device must also be considered. The non-CFC beclometasone metered dose inhaler QVar has a small particle size and increased lung deposition.

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