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By Joe Diestel, Hans Jarchow, Andrew Tonge

We will most sensible comprehend many primary methods in research by means of learning and evaluating the summability of sequence in a number of modes of convergence. this article presents the reader with simple wisdom of actual and practical research, with an account of p-summing and similar operators. The account is panoramic, with specified expositions of the center effects and hugely appropriate functions to harmonic research, chance and degree concept, and operator concept. this can be the 1st time that the topic and its purposes were provided in such whole element in booklet shape. Graduate scholars and researchers in genuine, advanced and sensible research, and chance concept will reap the benefits of this article.

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This simple but ingenious idea is the core of the above proof, and can be used to prove far more general versions of Carlson's inequality, as will be seen in later chapters of this book. Also the second proof by Hardy is quite simple, although not as elementary as the first one, since it requires some knowledge about the theory of Fourier series. 16 Multiplicative Proof 2 (Hardy, Inequalities of Carlson Type and 1936). 4), and let oo f(x) = Y J afc cos kx. fc=i If T converges, so does S, and by the Parseval identity it holds that S=- f2(x)dx f and T = - f{x)dx = 0, f f'2{x)dx.

1) with the constant n2 replaced by 47r2. 4 Carlson's Inequality for Finite Sums Suppose that m is a positive integer. e. if the series are replaced by finite sums with m terms. If, however, we restrict attention to finite sums with a fixed number of terms, the constant 7r2 need no longer be (and is not) sharp. We have 18 Multiplicative Inequalities of Carlson Type and Interpolation the following preliminary result by L. Larsson, Z. -E. Persson [52]. 1 Let a i , . . , a m be non-negative numbers, not all zero.

This can be achieved, for instance, by arranging the numbers in increasing order: Ai < • • • < A m . This requires the Aj to be distinct. This is not a major restriction, however, since if two of the Aj are equal, we may replace them by a single A by adding the corresponding Cj. /("»-*) D<2 = (m — s) I TT Cj \j=s+l Thus, by the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality Al x > s(cia; •••c— sx ') cix Al + . . + cmxXm D2xr\ > so that />00 I< dx D2xr*y/p' JQ (flu" + This integral can be evaluated to /r>P-r2 7 - 1 n-p\ 1 /p( T "2-'-i) (^1 ^2 ) fi/ p - r j _ r2-r!

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