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Filled with details that encompasses the approach to life of the outdoorsman. This journal will take you at the final outdoors event.

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These kits go for about $20, depending on the quality and materials. When considering the weight of literally everything, you may not think that things this small will make much of difference, but they will. Pack this stuff first, and if there is extra weight leftover, then throw in toilet paper and snack bars. A FIRST-AID KIT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST. If you catch a cold, you’ll need medicine. If you scrape your knee open on a boulder, you’ll want ointment. These are all extremely likely events when you put yourself in the position to be exposed to such conditions.

If you are up for an angling adventure, try a new meth^Q͙7^aW]bcM]PR͜WSh^dMaRMůh͹ŬbVW]USM]McWP͜bfWcPV d_cVRbPR]RahM]QXd\_^]MO^McS^ab^\RQRR_bRM ͈bMZcfMcRa͉ŬbVW]U͙7^acV^bR^Sh^dcVMc_aRSRaQMhcaW_b M]Qbd]bVW]R͜cahŬbVW]UOhcVRZWUVc^ScVR\^^]͙GbRQ to your trusty rod and reel? Trade it in for a spear or try h^daVM]QMcO^f͹ŬbVW]U͙FVRaRMaR_ZR]ch^SfMhbc^ ensure an unforgettable experience each season. We will tell you where to go and what to bring if you are up for it, and if you’re not, well, at least you’ll know what’s out there.

You may bring one extra pair of socks but remember that even 3oz worth of garments count in the final weight. No “junk” – This means you are going to have to rough it. Forget toilet paper (yes, really), forget toiletries altogether. Save weight to pack the important stuff, like your first-aid kit with medicines and bandages. Alcohol Fueled stove – Alcohol fuel is twice as light, and the stoves themselves are just as efficient, if not more so, than canisters or wood-burning stoves. Less calories per day – Pack foods that are rich in “good fats” and proteins.

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