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In the process its subordinate role in the world imperialist system has deepened: the last of the colonial powers is now little more than a neo-colony itself. Pressed from above and below - by international business and political interests abroad; by the working class and peasantry at home; and by the rising force of the liberation movements in the overseas territories - the Portuguese ruling class finds itself left with little time and little space .... Relative to Portuguese, foreign investment has always played a dominat ing role in the overseas territories although in absolute terms, and compared with recent developments, it has not been so very large.

It is only this idyllic aspect which is narrated to us by the history manuals of the Salazarists. B. Trend in his book Portugal(published in 1957 in London). We quote: They [the Portuguese] did not produce anything in their country; neither in agriculture nor in industry. Although, on the surface, all looked like a perpetual carnival, the nation was in its entirety begging for bread. And he continues: The king had to order from Flanders many shiploads of wheat. After 1503-1504 a famine plague invaded the nation (in 1505).

Western powers have looked with greedy eyes at the signs of the riches which lie under the soil of Mozambique, and by sharing out the whole of Mozambique in huge concessions to Western capitalist companies, the Portuguese government is gaining revenues to carry out its war of oppression, as well as giving other capitalist nations a direct stake in main taining Portuguese colonialism. This is the way that Caetano is strengthening Portugal's alliances with all capitalists, racists and imperialists.

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