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By Laura Shane-McWhorter C.D.E

If you take, or are wondering taking, an herb, dietary complement, or different traditional product to regard your diabetes, you wish trustworthy, impartial details from the well-known professional on complementary and substitute drugs for diabetes. here is every little thing you must learn about forty of the most well-liked replacement cures used for diabetes, together with: purported advantages and urged dosages; examine and trial synopses; part influence and drug interplay listings; and lots more and plenty more.

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I would like to give a special thank-you to my friend Dick for his invaluable technical support. This book would not be possible without the vision that Victor Van Beuren had about writing a consumer guide. I would also like to acknowledge Kate Ruder for her sage advice and expertise in writing consumer guides in the area of diabetes. PART I INTRODUCTION You want to live healthy and well with your diabetes. You try to visit your health care provider regularly, take your prescribed medications, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly.

Maintains a healthy prostate” is allowed, but “treats benign prostatic hyperplasia” is not). The FDA requires that supplement labels (see Figure 1) contain certain information, so look for these details when you shop for products. • Name of the product • Name and address of the manufacturer • Complete list of ingredients, including a “Supplement Facts” panel, which identifies each ingredient in the product. If an ingredient is not listed on the “Supplement Facts” panel, it must be listed in the “other ingredients” statement below the panel.

As part of folk medicine in the Philippines, banaba leaves are used to make a tea to treat diabetes. USES Recently, banaba has become popular in the United States as treatment for type 2 diabetes. Its leaves are used to make an oral form of the supplement, found as a single ingredient or as one of several ingredients in dietary supplements. Banaba’s active ingredients are thought to stimulate cells to take up glucose and work similarly to insulin. However, banaba’s effect on blood glucose has not been confirmed in large, rigorous, long-term studies.

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