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This ordinary textual content, now in paperback for the 1st time-- the significant other quantity to Foreign Dialects-- American Dialects deals consultant dialects of each significant component to the U.S.. In each one case, a normal description and historical past of the dialect is given, via an research of vowel and consonant peculiarities, of its person lilt and rhythm, and of its grammar adaptations. There also are lists of the idioms and idiomatic expressions that distinguish each one dialect and routines utilizing them. American Dialects additionally comprises musical inflection charts and diagrams displaying the situation of lips, tongue, and breath.

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The affirmative "/mmhmm" and the negative "/mm/mm" are also examples. Not all Americans use the glottal stop, and the majority of those who do are unaware of its presence. ). In informal, rapid speech it is frequently used to replace final "t;' as in, "THuh hAl wUHz gAWn" (The hat was gone); and "hEEz IOWI frUI" (He's out front). It is also commonly used to replace the first two letters of the verb "can" ("/ng") when this verb is unstressed, as in, "I Ing gOH" (I can go). It may be used before "In" (and), as in, "In THEHn" (and then).

As in "there:' "chair:' "dare:' etc. When followed by "r;' this vowel sound is generally changed to ''A1\' in New England dialect speech. " HISTORICAL VARIATIONS: If the character is an elderly person of the present day, living in a rural or coastal area, or if he is an historical character, "i:" may be used for certain common words, as in "tchi:UH" (chair), "ki:UH" (care), and "shi:UHz" (shares). 34 American Dialects "I" .... as in "ice:' "might:' "strike," etc. The sounds "AHi" and "Ui:" may both be used by one character speaking the New England dialect.

DRILL WORDS wi:min bi:zi hi:m (women) (busy) (hymn) kni:pshn (conniption) fi: UHsii (fiercely) ni:UHli (nearly) li:tl pi:g fri:lz (little) (pig) (frills) HISTORICAL VARIATION: The variant "EH" may be used for certain common words, especially when the vowel sound is followed by "n" as in "sEHnts" (since), "rEHntch" (rinse), "spEHrit" (spirit), "EHf" (if), and "bEHn" (been). "OH" .... as in "home:' "rode:' "tone:' etc. It is with the pronunciation of this long "0" (OH) sound that the New England dialect projects one of its most characteristic dialect variants.

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