About ReECOTech Conversion Technologies Ltd


“ReECO Tech™” is a Canadian controlled company with a goal to reduce waste and sequester CO2 emissions through the conversion of waste. With the ability to divert large mounds of waste from landfill sites, ReECO is not only helping business owners do the right thing, but is saving them money in dumping and haulage fees.

The company is able to serve a number of different industries through cost- effective waste processing. Being proficient at turning waste into valuable, reusable material is our forward-looking approach to dealing with the world’s 2.6 trillion pound problem – yes the world produces an average 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage every year!

ReECO has always had a clear vision to turn waste into energy, with an ultimate goal of building self-sustaining eco-systems. It’s all about creating wealth from waste and supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills or other disposal sites, saves resources, reduces costs, and minimizes our footprint on the environment.

Quality Policy

ReEco Tech is committed to:

  • Providing our customers and strategic partners with services that satisfy their requirements
  • Meeting any applicable requirements for our various industries
  • The implementation and ongoing assessment of our quality management system process

We provide appropriate resources and other applicable requirements to effectively and efficiently fulfill customers’ needs, and understand the current and future requirements.

Continual re-evaluation of our processes and services is the responsibility of all employees at ReEco Tech.


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