Global Responsibility

Global Responsibility


Our strategic actions help us create a shared value and will assist us in fulfilling our ultimate purpose, which is to do good for our customers (people) and our planet (earth).

We not only operate with strong business ethics, we expect our partners to do the same and to have the same sense of global responsibility that we do. To us, being globally responsible really means understanding and appreciating that there is a world beyond us; a world we can play an important role in…

ReECO Tech is proud to be part of the Clean Air for Kids™ initiative. Each time a ReECO Tech product is used there is potential for helping future generations.How? The environmentally sound products allow users to convert emissions reductions into funds to support qualified children’s hospitals around the world.

As ReECO is moving towards developing self-sustaining eco-systems, its customers are reducing their carbon footprint and also helping our most precious resource – our children.

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