Sustainable Bee Hotels

Sustainable Bee Hotels

It is not uncommon to come across pet friendly hotels. Even some of Toronto’s downtown hotels like the Westin Harbour Castle and the Sheraton allow pets. However, have you ever heard of a hotel in a large city specifically for bees? A sustainability project by Fairmont hotels in Canada has made it a reality – complete with bee butlers and room service.

The luxury hotel chain has in fact recreated forested and natural habitats for the bee rooms by using twigs, logs and other reclaimed materials. Seriously, you can see the small huts outside the hotel. According to staff at the Fairmont in Toronto, the bee rooms, some of which are lined with sheepskin for comfort, are aimed at pollinators as opposed to honeybees.

It turns out that bee butlers are carefully trained to take care of the bees – and yes they do have room service.

The pollinators are smaller than honeybees and don’t have a queen bee to watch over them, but they are an important part of our agricultural process in terms of their pollinating power. Urbanization continues to threaten their existence so projects like bee hotels are helping to sustain a business sector in trouble.

To date, Fairmont has six bee hotels across Canada. Public relations officials with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts have stated that the company will be developing at least another dozen bee hotels across the country to help give bees a space to nest, as well as to help educate the public about the role these pollinators play in self-sustaining cities.

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